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Tax-Aide Locations in Minnesota

Information for In-Person or Low-Contact Appointments

Tax-Aide service sites are open from early February through mid April.  In 2023, there will be approximately 80 sites located throughout Minnesota.  It is recommended that you use the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Locator to find the site that is most convenient for you.  Either click on the red  "Find an AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Site" button or go to

The dates and times that each site is open varies by site.  Most service sites require advance appointments; typically walk-in service will not be available.  

Other Providers of Free Tax Preparations Services


In addition to the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide sites, there are a number of other locations in Minnesota that offer free tax preparation services.  You can use the Minnesota Department of Revenue search tool at to look for a site near you.


Make an Appointment

Once you find a site using the AARP Tax-Aide Locator, call the phone number that is associated with the site to make an appointment.  Keep in mind that many of the appointment phone lines are staffed by volunteers working limited hours, so you may need to leave a voice mail message.

Once you have a confirmed appointment, if you find that you need to cancel it or change it, please call the site back and let them know ASAP.  If you need to change it, they will help find another suitable time.  If you need to cancel it, the time slot can be re-opened for another person.

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