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Welcome to Minnesota Tax-Aide

Focusing on taxpayers who are 50 and and older and have low to moderate income

AARP membership is not required


Our Service Models

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, an AARP Foundation program, helps low- to moderate-income taxpayers by assisting with free tax services and ensuring they receive applicable tax credits and deductions.

Typically tax service at sites is provided by way of either In-Person or Low-Contact appointments.  When you reserve a tax appointment at a site, be sure you are aware of the service model used at the site.  This could impact whether you can expect to be at a site for one to two hours or whether you will need to come back to the site on another day to pick up the completed return.


For taxpayers that have access to their own computers and would like to prepare their own tax returns, Tax-Aide provides free tax assistance to eligible taxpayers who are interested with preparing their own tax returns.  See information in the Self-Preparation Service block below.

In-Person Service

In Tax-Aide’s traditional in-person service, tax returns are prepared and reviewed while the taxpayer is present with the tax counselors — with some physical distancing measures in place.  

Low-Contact Service

Taxpayers interact with Tax-Aide volunteers in one or two short, in-person meetings to exchange documents.  At some sites the tax returns will be prepared while the taxpayer waits in another part of the facility, while at some other sites the taxpayer will return to the site to pick up the completed return on another day.

Self-Preparation Service

Tax-Aide provides consumers with access to software to prepare their own taxes, and if needed, a Tax-Aide IRS-certified counselor can coach them through the process by phone or through computer screen-sharing.  This service is free for qualifying clients with an Adjusted Gross Income of less than $72,000 a year.  For additional qualification details visit:

Our Tax Year Operations

In 2022, the Minnesota AARP Foundation Tax-Aide season for Tax Year 2021 concluded on April 18, 2022. 

We appreciate your support as we continue to provide taxpayer assistance throughout Minnesota.  Our hope and goal for Tax Year 2022 is to be able to expand our services even more as we continue to reopen sites that had closed during the Covid pandemic.

In 2023, our tax preparation sites will be open beginning in early-February 2023 and will generally operate through mid-April 2023.  Most sites begin taking appointments in the second half of January, and typically the majority of the appointment slots fill up quickly.  At most of our sites, walk-ins (without an appointment) are not accepted.

See the "Locations" page for information on how to find a site close to where you live.

Additional information about the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program is available on the AARP Foundation website at:

Our Team

Through a cadre of trained and IRS accredited volunteers, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide has helped low- to moderate-income individuals for more than

50 years in every state and the District of Columbia.


The typical tax team at a site consists of the site leader, certified tax counselors who prepare and review each return, and a site greeter.


AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is offered in cooperation with the IRS.

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